DIY Refillable Catnip Toys

Forgive me for not posting Monday…I completely blanked and forgot it was even Monday!  Not the greatest way to start off a new year, but we’ll carry on haha.

If you own cats, there’s a good chance you feel like I do – there are no refillable catnip toys that don’t also come with catnip.  Which of course then leaves you drowning in catnip!  Ok, maybe that’s just me, but either way, I wanted some refillable toys that didn’t also come with a small tube of the stuff.

So, I made my own.

These were my cats’ Christmas presents this year, because yes, I give my animals Christmas presents.

Here’s what you’ll need:
felt pieces
hot glue gun/sticks
cookie cutter

Using a cookie cutter, trace the shape you want onto the felt.  Make sure you trace two shapes for each toy.  As you’ll see, I made several different colors, so I had two shapes for each color.



Take your first toy, and make sure the pencil-marked sides will be on the inside.  In order to assure this, I laid them so that the pencil-marked sides were facing up – that way I could easily see the marks without having to search for them and possibly then forget to put them on the inside.


Take your velcro and cut a small piece, just long enough to cover the length of the straightest side you’ve got.  To make sure the velcro will be aligned, stick it together, then place it onto one of the pieces.


Take your glue gun and outline the rest of the edge that’s not covered by the velcro.  Make sure you get the glue right up next to the velcro so that the catnip won’t end up sprinkling back out.  Making sure that your pencil-marked side faces the inside of the toy, lay the other piece of felt on top, gently pressing down to glue it together.



Once it dries, you’ve got yourself a refillable catnip toy!  It took me about 45 minutes to make the six of them.  I would also add that if you have aggressive lickers (like I do) you might want to put a little dab of glue onto the velcro to help hold it to the felt as well.  I had to patch a couple of them up that way after giving them to my cats and they licked the thing apart lol.

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